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Professor Ananth Ramaswamy has supervised 10 PhDs,8 MSc (Engg.) and 38 ME students complete their program.

PhD Students

Present Students

Biswajit Pal Condition assessment and monitoring of structural concrete elemns In Progress


Past Students

M. Pandey Semi-active Control of Earthquake Induced Vibrations in Building Structures using MR Dampers: Algorithm Awarded in 2018
R. Balagopal Experimental and Analytical Studies on Damage Detection and Failure Analysis of Transmission Towers and Tower like Structures. (Dr.G.S.Palani, Chief Scientist CSIR-SERC Organizational Guide) Awarded in 2017
D. Harinadha Reddy Time Dependent Deformations and High Temperature Effects on Different Types of Concrete: Experimental and Numerical studies Awarded in 2017
Suryakanta Biswal Uncertainty based damage identification and prediction of long-time deformation in concrete structures Awarded in 2017
R. Guruprasad Repair and Retrofit Strategies for Structural Concrete against Thermo-mechanical Loadings Awarded in 2015
B. Hemalatha Studies on Characterization of Self Compacting Concrete:   Microstructure, Fracture and Fatigue  (jointly with Prof. J. M. Chandra Kishan) Awarded in 2012
Sk. Faruque Ali Semi-active Control of Earthquake Induced Vibrations in Structures using MR Dampers: Algorithm Development, Experimental Verification and Benchmark Applications Awarded in 2009
J. Thomas Behavior of Partially Prestressed Concrete T-Beams having steel fibers over partial or full depth-An experimental and analytical study Awarded in 2006
A. S. Ahlawat Intelligent Optimal Control of Earthquake or Wind Induced Flexural and Torsionally Coupled Vibrations in Buildings. (Awarded Best thesis in Engineering) Awarded in 2003
S. K. Padmarajaiah Influence of Fibers on the Behavior of High Strength Concrete in Fully/Partially Prestressed Beams: An Experimental and Analytical Study Awarded in 2000


MSc (Engg.) Students

Present Students

Ambadas waghmare Behavior of RC elements under bi-axial loads In progress


Past Students

V.Svetha Numerical Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements and Assemblages Exposed to Thermo-mechanical Loading Awarded in 2017
D.Harinadha Reddy Time Dependent Deformations in Normal and Heavy Density Concrete Awarded in 2009
A. Bansal Thermal distortion and vibration control of composite laminates using piezoelectric elements Awarded in 2002
S. Bhattacharjee Geometric Nonlinear Effects on the Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridges Due to Earthquake Excitations Awarded in 2001
P. K. Jha A Strain Rate Dependent  Model for  Plain and Reinforced concrete Awarded in 2001
K. Srinath Studies on nonlinear analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete structural elements Awarded in 1998
S. Venugopal A strain rate dependent elasto-viscoplastic model for plain concrete in compression Awarded in 1998
M. N. Jagadisha Effectiveness of diaphragms in lateral distribution of live loads in right and skew composite bridges Awarded in 1998


ME Students

Saurabh Saxena Effects of combined mechanical and t thermal loads on concrete in progress
Chandrasekher Creep and Shrinkage studies on different concrete. in progress
Srikant Sharma Effects of Moisture andchemical ion migration into concrete. in Progress
Bharanidharan Effect of Temperature on Concrete Degradation, Awarded in 2017
Ravi Sharma Degradation of Concrete due to Ingress of Chemical Ions Awarded in 2017
Chandan Ashish Optimization of Multi-mode Routes in Minimum time in Bangalore city Awarded in 2015
Abhishek Estimation of creep and shrinkage strains in concrete Awarded in 2014
Sandeep Performance of CFRP as repair material for fire damaged concrete Awarded in 2014
Aakash Structural Optimization of Radio Telescope support truss structure using Genetic Algorithms Awarded in 2013
Vinod Kumar Rishidev Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Square short column with FRP wrapping under uniaxial load Awarded in 2013
B. Krishnamurthy Parametric study of lateral thermal track buckling using Beam type and frame type approaches Awarded in 2013
K. Chandu Shortest time to travel from Origin to Destination Using BMTC services Awarded in 2013
Sri Vishnu Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridges Awarded in 2012
Anil Kaushik Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Post-Tensioned Concrete Girders” Awarded in 2012
Mohamad Islam Dynamic Analysis of Vehicle-Structure Interactions in Railway Bridges Awarded in 2012
Johnathan Talukdar FLC based Vibration Control of composites using Piezo elements Awarded in 2011
Jayesh Gore Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of SFRC elements Awarded in 2011
Venkatsubbaiah Behavior of Concrete under Thermal and Mechanical Loads Awarded in 2010
P.C.R. Murthy Strut and Tie Model based Repair and Retrofit of Structural Concrete Awarded in 2009
Saji, K.P Experimental and Analytical Approaches to Steel Bridge Identification Awarded in 2009
Ratna Kumar J. Experimental and Analytical studies on Beam Column Joints with and without fibers Awarded in 2007
 M. A. Ahmed Repair and retrofit of reinforced concrete members Awarded in 2006
Vishwanath Chandra Experimental and Analytical studies on Beam Column Joints with and without fibers Awarded in 2006
Shailaja B Experimental and Analytical Studies on creep in normal and heavy density concrete Awarded in 2006
Aditya Prasad Optimal Positioning of Seismic Restraint Devices for Power Plant Piping Systems. (Jointly with Prof. C.S. Manohar) Awarded in 2005
Anil Mohan K Optimal Passive Structural Vibration Control of Secondary Piping Structures Awarded in 2004
M. Kumar Nehak Shape optimization of Post-Tensioned Prestressed Concrete Slab systems Awarded in 2004
Phanindra Kumar Behavior of GFRP rebar Reinforced High Strength Concrete Beams. (jointly with Dr. K.S.Nanjunda Rao) Awarded in 2003
Akshaya Kumar Effectiveness of GFRP Fabrics in Repair of RC Beams Awarded in 2002
Naresh Kumar Shape optimization of Prestressed Box Girders Awarded in 2001
S. Kumar Likher Behavior of Steel and GFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams Containing Steel Fibers: An Experimental Study. (jointly with Dr. K.S. Nanjunda Rao) Awarded in 2001
S. Basu Mallick System optimization of road bridges Awarded in 2000
Brajesh Kumar Control strategies for simply supported bridges Awarded in 1998
D. Ravi Kumar Shape optimization of prestressed concrete beams Awarded in 1998
Shankar Prakash Finite Element analysis of prestressed concrete beams having FRP tendons Awarded in 1998
Umesh Bapatia Effect of parapets, railings and continuity on the live load moment distribution factors in composite slab on girder bridges Awarded in 1998
Debi Prasad Rath Shape optimization of R.C.C. continuum structural elements Awarded in 1997
Y. T. Nimaje Study of parameters of genetic algorithms for optimization of trusses Awarded in 1997