List of Papers

DST initiatives on Microzonation - B K Bansal and Vandana Choudhary

Site specific seismic hazard assessment of Jabalpur Central India - M. Ravi Kumar and N. Purnachandra Rao

Seismic Microzonation Framework Principles & Applications - Sankar Kumar Nath

Seismic Hazard Assessment of Dehradun Urban Complex at Micro level - G. C. Kandpal, Sagina Ram and. Prabhas Pande

Seismic Microzonation of NCT - A. K. Shukla, Rajesh Prakash, Dal Singh, Ravi Kant Singh, A. P. Pandey, H. S. Mandal and B. M. S. Nayal

Seismic Microzonation of Bangalore - T.G.Sitharam and P.Anbazhagan

Site response studies based on ambient noise measurements - D.Srinagesh

Microzonation studies in Gujrat - Bal Rastogi, Arun Gupta, Pawan Kumar, B. Sai Ram and A.P. Singh

Estimation of site response in the Kachchh Seismic zone, Gujrat, India from strong motion data using generalized inversion technique - P. Mandal, U. Dutta, and R.K. Chadha

Seismic Microzonation and Risk Evaluation: A Concept - A. K. Shukla

Seismic Hazard Assessment considering local site effects for microzonation studies of Chennai city - A. Boominathan, G. R. Dodagoudar, A. Suganthi and R. Uma Maheswari

Application of Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) for Seismic Microzonation: a case study of Dehradun City - A.K. Mahajan

Seismic Microzonation via PSHA: Methodology and Examples - I.D. Gupta

Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis considering local site effects - P. Anbazhagan, J.S. Vinod and T.G. Sitharam

Need for Seismic Microzonation of Kolkata mega city - D.R.Nandy

Earthquake sources in India and strategies for hazard mitigation - Kusala Rajendran and C.P.Rajendran

Parametric System Identification of Multistoreyed Buildings with Non-uniform Mass Distribution - K. Suresh, Sajal K. Deb and Anjan Dutta

Evaluation of liquefaction potential of soils - T.G. Sitharam

Support Vector Machine for evaluating seismic liquefaction potential using shear wave velocity - T.G. Sitharam and Pijush Samui

Liquefaction Potential Assessment of Chandigarh City - A Conventional Approach - R. Dharmaraju, VVGST. Ramakrishna and Gayatri Devi

Methodology for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Building Stock in Mega Cities - Shailesh Kr. Agrawal and Ajay Chourasia